What is Together in Germany?

Together in Germany – Your community platform for all questions about life in Germany


On Together in Germany (TiG) you can meet people from your community. Here you can ask your questions about life in Germany, exchange ideas and network in a safe, digital space, free of charge and anonymously.


The forum is available in German, Ukrainian, Arabic, Farsi/Dari, English, Turkish, French, Russian and Pashto.


Together-in-germany.de is part of the project "Handbook Germany : Together - Zentrale digitale Anlaufstelle", which also includes the information platform handbookgermany.de and the search engine Local Search. These services are also available in nine languages.



The Community Forum - Strong together!

Can my employer dismiss me if I fall ill? When do I get a permanent residence permit? Where can I find a free German course? And am I entitled to housing subsidies? Do you have these or other questions?

Then the TiG Forum is the right place for you!

You will get answers directly from the community. If the community members don't know what to do, our community managers will help you find an answer.

You don't have a specific question, but want to exchange ideas with other people from your community or share your experience and knowledge? Then sign up and get started!


TiG brings the advice directly to you!

Your question is very specific? The TiG community managers will direct you to professional consultants. We won't leave you alone with your question!

The TiG Team - From the Community for the Community

The community platform is accompanied by an international team that brings to the forum a broad knowledge on topics such as residence, law, social affairs, work, health, family and education.



Community Managers

Yara Almunaizel

Community Manager English

Yara studied International Relations and Politics in Sweden and Scotland with a focus on the Mashreq region. She gained her first professional experience at various NGOs in Palestine / Israel. Before Yara came to TiG, she worked as a social worker with refugee children in Berlin. In her free time she organizes an annual Palestinian art and culture festival in Berlin.


Golshan Fayal

Community Manager Farsi

Before Golshan came to TiG, she was a social worker for migrants and refugees (e.g. at the German Red Cross and trixiewiz e.V.). She has a lot of experience working as a consultant for women and volunteers in feminist collectives. During her studies of English linguistics, she discovered her passion for political theory and has since worked as a translator for critical literature.


Daniela Zuber
Community Manager German

Before joining TiG, Daniela studied social work in Coburg and then worked as a migration counsellor in Brandenburg (including at the youth migration service of the Diakonie and the refugee counselling centre of Caritas). As a volunteer, she supports refugees in dealing with bureaucratic hurdles, as well as children and young people via chat in crisis situations at two non-profit organizations.


Su Parlak

Community Manager Turkish

Su studied sociology in Istanbul and then completed her master’s degree in “Sociology- European Societies” in Berlin. She worked as a migration counsellor in various NGO’s and associations in Turkey and Germany. At the Charité she conducted research on the access of patients with a migration history to the health care system. She also volunteers in “Digital women” project at the Redi School.


Osama Ramadan

Community Manager Arabic

Osama studied business informatics, non-profit management, and public governance with a focus on civil society and NGOs, in Syria and Berlin. Before joining TiG Osama worked in various projects in the field of integration, social participation, and career counselling. Osama is interested topics such as: human rights, conflict management and political participation.


Sophie Wade

Community Manager French

Sophie is from Senegal and received her doctorate in languages and cultures of Africa from the University of Cologne. She moved to Berlin in 2019 and worked as an editor for LoNam Magazine. Since empowerment and inclusion of people with a migratory experience are topics dear to her, she coordinated the community project Sprace2Grow. Sophie is also active in initiatives for the self-determination of refugees and migrants, as well as initiatives for development cooperation.


My Nguyen

Community Manager English & German

My supported people from abroad in the migration process to Germany, especially in communicating with and accompanying to authorities. Her expertise ranges from (labor) migration, family reunification, and the recognition of foreign professional and academic degrees. She studied cultural and social sciences at the European University Viadrina. Every year, My organizes a conference on a variety of social, cultural and socially relevant topics on a voluntary basis.


Mila Kompanets

Community Manager Ukrainian

Mila was born and raised in Ukraine. In 2011, she completed her Master’s degree in "Translation/Interpretation (German, English, Ukrainian, and Russian)". Her knowledge in four languages and her experience as an interpreter have enhanced her ability to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds, countries, and cultures. In 2012, she moved to Berlin, Germany, where she completed her Bachelor's degree in "European Media Studies" at the University of Potsdam.

As Mila wants to support and advocate for the Ukrainian people during these challenging times, joining the project "Together in Germany" was the right decision for her. Despite being outside of the Ukraine, Mila's heart is with her people, and she provides assistance on various issues and shares her years of experience and knowledge every day.


Sveta Kreuzer

Community Managerin Russisch

Sveta is an ethnic Ukrainian born in Russia. In 2011, she came to Germany as part of the voluntary ecological year program (FÖJ). Afterwards, she completed a Master's degree in Empirical Democracy Research at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, and in 2021, she became a German citizen. Sveta has worked herself through the complexities of migration and the German bureaucratic system, giving her invaluable experience and a good understanding of how migration and integration work. She also has the necessary knowledge to communicate empathically with people with a migration background in Germany and to assist them with bureaucratic and social issues.


Shabir Salimi

Community Manager Pashto

Shabir Ahamd Salimi is a journalist, writer, and social activist from Afghanistan. He attended Kabul University's faculty of language and literature. He worked in Afghanistan for a number of different national, international, and media organizations. He has been a local employee of a German organization in Afghanistan since 2020.Shabir translated several books from English to Pashto, but only two of them have been published. His first book (How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere) by Larry King was published in 2017, while his second book (Nelson Mandela) was published in 2018. He has translated, edited, and written for several collaborative projects in addition to penning hundreds of pieces in Pashto. Shabir moved to Germany in 2021, and became a member of Afghanistan team for Handbook Germany : Together in April 2022, and he is working now as a community manager for the Pashto platform.


Project staff

Elona Beqiraj

Student employee

Elona studies political science and supports TiG in the area of public relations and networking. As an author, in her poetry collection "und wir kamen jeden sommer" (and we came every summer), she makes the feeling of being torn as well as the question of belonging and not belonging in Germany poetically tangible. She deals with anti-racism and is currently directing an activist art project for Gorki X at the Maxim Gorki Theater in memory of the victims of the NSU complex.


Mosjkan Ehrari

Project Coordinator

Mosjkan Ehrari is a journalist and filmmaker. Her journalistic career began in radio (RBB). This was followed by many years of work as an editor, radio writer and freelance foreign correspondent. She has realized numerous film projects in Germany, Azerbaijan, Iran, Afghanistan and Greece. In addition, she conceives and realizes projects as a director/VJ for foundations, NGOs and institutions and maintains a content-related and artistic cooperation with the Community Art Center in Mannheim (theater). For the Neue deutsche Medienmacher*innen she is a trainer/speaker in the data journalistic trainings of Google News Lab. She leads the project "Handbook Germany" and is co-project coordinator of TiG.


Sonia Vargas
IT-Project Manager

Sonia was born in Colombia. She moved to Berlin in 2002 where she studied ethnology and Latin American studies at the Freie University Berlin. She worked as a volunteer coordinator in the field of refugee relief for 4 years.
Motivated by the vision of enabling meaningful projects to have a greater reach, she continued her education as a digital transformation manager. She worked as a consultant and IT project manager with a focus on building the digital reach for NGO’s. Since September 2022 she has been IT-Project manager for the "Central digital hub - Handbook Germany : Together"


Shubh Panwala

Student Assistant - Technical Support

Shubh studies computer science in Brandenburg and supports the team in overcoming all challenges in the technical area.