Who takes part?

The TiG Community


The community members are the heart of TiG. They ask and answer questions and actively participate in forum discussions. When writing their posts, they take care to treat each other with respect.




The community experts are members who are closely connected to the TiG community platform. They have a lot of experience and actively share their knowledge with the other members in the forum. They also make sure that communication takes place in a pleasant atmosphere.

You can become a community expert if you:

  • actively use TiG and make the platform known to others
  •  feel connected to our values and you respect the netiquette

  • you bring a lot of knowledge and experience to the forum

  • help other members with problems and questions

If you can identify with the role of the community-expert and would like to support the TiG team, please contact the community management team via mail. Write an E-Mail to support@together-in-germany.de

As a Community-Expert you will be invited to trainings and can exchange special questions with the moderation team and external consultants.




Guests are welcome to read the contents of the forum. Registration is not necessary for this.



Community Manager

The TiG community management team is in charge of the community platform. For each language offered on TiG, you will find a community manager.

The community managers participate in discussions in the forum, check posts and information for accuracy and answer community members' questions.

In the 1:1 chat rooms the community managers offer the community members a personal exchange. In addition, they ensure respectful interaction in the forum and compliance with TiG netiquette.




The consultants are employees of welfare organizations and self-organized counseling centers. With their expertise, they help community members with specific questions and problems in the forum.