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KafiAbd • 17 May 2023

I came to Germany with a student visa and studied in Magdeburg, and recently moved to Berlin. So, I had 120 days of full-time (40h) working permit. I started a full-time job in January 2022 and received the "Work visa for qualified professionals” (Sections 18b Abs1 on the Residence Act - AufenthG) in May 2022. However, I got another job on November 2022 and shifted to a blue card on November 2022.

So, my question is, As I am working full time from January 2022 will all those times count for me while I apply for Permanent Settlement or Settlement Permit? I know that with a Blue card I can apply for PR after 21 months if I have a B1 level. 

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Hello KafiAbd,
thank you for reaching out to us. Congratulations on all your achievements so far!
To ensure I understand your situation correctly: you completed your studies in Magdeburg and are holding a German degree. After graduation you began a full-time job in January 2022 and obtained a work permit as a skilled worker (§18B, Abs. 1). In November 2022 you switched your job and received a Blue Card (§18B, Abs. 2).
If I have understood your situation correctly, you will be eligible to apply for a permanent residency (PR) after 2 years of employment with either work permit (§18B, Abs. 1 or §18B, Abs. 2) but only need to proof 24 months of social security contributions. Please find more Information here:
For foreign graduates with a German degree, the following requirements must be met to apply for a PR:
- 24 months of social security contributions
- German language certificate with at least B1
- Proof of sufficient means of subsistence
- Proof of health insurance
- Proof of sufficient space to live
- Certificate of orientation course
However, if you hold a foreign degree, unfortunately, the time before obtaining your Blue Card doesn't count. The 21 btw. 33 months required for a PR with a Blue Card will start counting from November 2022 for you. Please note, as a skilled worker with an acknowledged foreign degree, you can apply for a permanent residency after 4 years of employment.
Contacting your responsible case worker at the foreigners department and/or a counselling centre can further help you and assist you in the process of receiving a permanent residency.
You can find a migration counselling centre through those links:
Youth Migration Service (JMD), until 27 years
Migration Counselling, from 27 years
I am happy to support you finding a counselling centre close to you, if you like to share your city.
Please feel free to reach out again, if you have further questions or need support in finding a counselling centre nearby.


Thank you for the information! That clarifies a lot of doubt.
Thanks a lot. :)

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