I need a translator

sabaribalagopal • 28 September 2023

Hi Everyone,

I'm in need of urgent help of a German-English translator for registering myself as unemployed at the Agentür für arbeit. Anyone here can help me with it? I have to go tomorrow there.


Answers (3)


I live in Hamburg and my work agency is Hamburg-Nord. I know, the previous time I visited I luckily met with someone who was comfortable with English. But today, they were being quitw rigid and insisted that I bring a translator to understand everything and he is not allowed to speak in English.


Dear sabaribalagopal I am sorry to hear about your experience.
I found some institutions, you might can contact. However, I am not quite sure, if someone can support you on such short notice. This still can be good contacts to keep in mind for the future appointments.
- In via e.v.
- MIA e.V.
Wish you good luck for todays appointment and a nice supportive co-worker!

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