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Bemnet • 12 June 2022

Hello my name is Bemnet and I came from Ukraine I was a student there with residence permit and now I’m in Germany in a camp I’m Boosted I didn’t apply for asylum and I want to apply to get Fiction for Residence permit here and I don’t know what documents I will be needing or where I should go to apply and submit my documents 

Residence permit

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Hello Bemnet , thank you for your question! First of all, it is important to see if you are eligible for the temporary protection according to residency law §24. You can see the requirements for eligibility here:…
You can apply at your local immigration office, sometimes even online. Using this search engine, you can find your local immigration office:

Finally if you are rejected or know you cannot receive the temporary protection then it is useful to see what other residence permits you can receive i.e. for studies. It is advised to seek help for this. You can for example contact a refugee law clinic close to you. Find them here: I can also help you find a contact, if you let me know what city you are in.

Lastly, you mentioned that you want to apply for asylum. Please note that if you apply for asylum, it is advised you also seek legal help. If you are from a so called “safe country” it is likely your asylum application will be rejected. Applying for asylum can also have some negative consequences such as restriction of being able to work. So it’s important to explore all possibilities of residence and carefully thinking about applying for asylum. If you let me know what city you are currently in, I can search for an advice center near you.

I am happy to answer any further questions
Best wishes


Yes I am eligible and also I’m in Neumunster Boosted and yes I’d like someone to contact too

Thank u so much


Hi Bemnet, thank you. I have found an advice center for refugees and migration close to you. They are open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and also give advice in English. They can also support you with your application. You can check out their page here:… (scroll down for English). They are in Neumünster. If you would like further contacts, you can also make an appointment with the refugee law clinic in Kiel: They can advice you in legal matters.
Please let me know if you have difficulties reaching them and if they were able to help you. If not I will look for other advice centers for you.
Best wishes


Hello Dear One's i want to ask about procedure for migration to Germany...I am retired person from PK miltary and now move with family to germany. What is the method and procedure?

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